JBQ 2018

JBQ is for kids who are age 5/Kindergarten through grade 6.  This year, JBQ is being expanded to include 2 different tracks: one for kids who don’t wish to compete, but would still like to participate in the program; and one for kids who do want to be a part of the competitions with other churches in the state.


The students who don’t wish to compete (non-traditional JBQ) will learn the same Bible verses as the other group, but in a more relaxed atmosphere.


The ones who compete in traditional JBQ will learn the Bible verses and participate in the quiz meets that take place approximately once each month (except December).  In the course of each quiz meet, they will respond to Bible questions using buzzer boxes, so they will have an opportunity to practice with the buzzer boxes on Wednesday nights.


Regardless of which option the child chooses, each week they will play games with the questions, have a Bible lesson and enjoy an activity or craft.  Generally, we have a loud, crazy, fun time!
Date/Time:12/12/2018 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM   Add To Your Calendar
Location:Up Street
Contact:Sharon Ona
Registration is closed for this event.